XL800 Firmware Version 1.0

March 2014

Version 1.0 introduces a Streamlined User Interface, a new Top Losses report, Improved Job Management, Improved Parts Management, ability to further customise downtime timing start point.

Top Losses

What do you need to focus on to improve your process? Clear and simple on one page. Instantly identify your most significant sources of lost production time. Use this to get clear focus in your production review meetings. Ranked in order of time. Trend indicator spark line graphs. Pick your time period. Easy to print.

Job Recipes and Parts

Instantly create barcode sheets. If you are not yet ready for full ER to XL integration using the XL Bolt-on Datalink module, but you need to load in job information for each job, then this new job loading feature bridges the gap. Preload and store up to 100 upcoming jobs and 500 parts. Integrated barcode printing for ease of use. Quick and simple. Instantly create barcode sheets.

Splitting Downtime Events

Distinguish sequential breakdowns. From time to time we have multiple, back to back breakdowns. Now you can end one event and start another with a new reason.

Streamlined Menu Navigation

Easier access to everything XL. All features are now accessed from the LHS menu arranged into intuitive themes. View, Analyse, Improve, Learn, Administer.

Fine Tune Downtime Events

Tune downtime for your application. Different manufacturing processes have slightly different needs for defining when a downtime event starts timing. Run Event End Adjustment, now gives you the ability to control the automatic transition between Run and Down and when you want to start the downtime timer.