XL Bolt-On's

Out of the box the XL Visual Productivity Appliance is cost effective, customisable, and has an amazing level of real time data, historical charts and reports.

If you want something now that is easy to deploy, self contained and cost effective, but also want the ability to grow it into an extensive, plant wide, fully integrated system, then XL800 Bolt-on's can achieve this for you when you are ready.

Why pay for what you don't actually need?

XL Bolt-on.jpg

XL Bolt-on modules to the system

You can, by using the following XL bolt-on modules:

Data Collector Automatically harvest data from multiple XL's to a SQL database.  Enquire now 
OEE Studio Reporting OEE Studio lets you quickly access all your production data for multiple lines, plants or even your entire enterprise from a single reporting interface. Whether you are trying to look at asset utilization to justify additional machinery; or analyze the performance of a one shift versus another; or see how running different products affects production line output, OEE Studio is the complete tool for your business

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OEE Alert See ALL of your XL devices live data on a single screen * TPT Timeline charts * Top Losses * Hour by Hour Performance * Add additional comments to a down event * Email & Text Alerting Enquire now
Display Viewer Show live data from one or many XL's on LCD/Plasma displays in your lunch room, hallways, or anywhere Enquire now
Datalink  Connect multiple XL units together, move data from PLC's to XL, move data between XL's, interact with databases MES/ERP systems, E-mailing Enquire now  
OPC Server + To read & write data to the XL with OPC client software Enquire now


For example. You can start with one board and grow it to as many as you want for multiple machines or lines.

For further detailed information or pricing on XL Bolt-on modules, contact us by email, or register today for a free online demo