Firmware Updates

The XL800 is amzing value for money as there are no expensive ongoing software licence fees or lease payments.  As a result payback periods are unrivalled.

It is however a living, breathing, and continuously improvng product that does have occassional updates that are available. These are notified via email when released.

XL800 Firmware Version 1.4

May 2015 - Version 1.4 introduces a fast and simple way to hide and/or restore jobs and shifts

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XL800 Firmware Version 1.3

October 2014 - Version 1.3 introduces the ability for one or more XL800 units to act as remote visual displays for another XL800.

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XL800 Firmware Version 1.0

March 2014 - Version 1.0 introduces a Streamlined User Interface, a new Top Losses report, Improved Job Management, Improved Parts Management, ability to further customise downtime timing start point.

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