Getting Started

Follow these simple self-install steps


  1. Provide a count and reject from a sensor to onboard inputs
  2. Connect an ethernet cable to the XL800 to connect to your network
  3. Connect the supplied barcode scanner
  4. Apply power

Configure (Workflow will assist remotely or onsite) 

  1. Log into web interface from web browser
  2. Set up production schedules
  3. Enter name of asset and line
  4. Enter part numbers, cycle times, downtime reason codes
  5. Print out barcodes

Now you are running

What next?

Other things the system can do

  • Activate a light system when a particular machine is down
  • Trigger a screen/buzzer when a qc check is due
  • Activate alarm/sound when speed falls below a set limit
  • Create custom kpi’s using simple built in math functions
  • Many more