Getting the most out of your XL800

What do the most successful users of the XL800 do?

  1. Have widespread knowledge in the teams, team leaders and managers on what the XL800 is, how it works and how to find the info it provides.
  2. Review the data regularly, checking accuracy.
  3. Have a structured and visual review process.
  4. Have more than one super user with intermediate or higher level of system knowledge.
  5. Have an ongoing support program

Training and Development

When you purchase an XL800, Workflow includes some basic training on how users operate the system, and how super users make the basic changes they need to.

To develop your knowledge further, Workflow offers the below training and development modules to assist you get a deeper knowledge of the system and to develop more structured processes to use the information and drive continuous improvement.

Basic Knowledge(2 hrs) Overview on how to operate the system and how to navigate around the Web Interface. Designed for new users, infrequent users, all team leaders & managers
Super User Knowledge: Basic(2hrs) How to make day to day changes that may be needed, find and print reports, make basic admin functions to get you started 
3 Super User Knowledge: Intermediate 1 (2hrs) How to make more detailed configuration and admin changes. How to review the system.
4 Super User Knowledge: Intermediate 2 (2hrs) How to make more advanced changes. Understanding the capability of what more the XL can do. 
5 Keeping your "I" on the ball  There is no point having junk data.  Ensuring you have the knowledge to assess data quality and make changes to improve
6 Structured Review Process There is no point having data and not using it.  We audit your current information review process and make tweaks to your current process, or develop a simple starting process for you to start using or 

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Remote System Health Check

If you do not subscribe to an ongoing support plan then you can arrange a standalone "System Health Check", just like going to the doctor for an annual checkup.

We will conduct an experienced review of your system looking at things like

We will then give you an action plan for things you may need to focus on to keep things on track.

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Ongoing Support + Assistance Plans

We offer a small range of ongoing plans to help you get the most from your XL's

On Demand Support The minimum to ensure you don't fall off the rails. A real person at the end of the phone that will assist you when you get stuck.
  • Free updates (self-install)
  • Email + phone support for simple queries
Proactive Support + Assistance Keep on top of things as you go. No need to get PO's signed off for assistance or short bursts of training.
  • Assistance with updates if rqd.
  • Structured mini review program 3 x annually
  • Annual Health Check
  • Refresher training as rqd 
  • Remote or onsite (travel charges apply)
3 Proactive Support + Driving Improvement For those that want to ensure they continue to develop the knowledge of the team and the processes they use. The coaching sessions and training courses come to you.
  • Includes "Proactive Support + Assistance" level
  • 4 x mini reviews per year
  • 2 days onsite Training and Mgmt Process Development per year  eg Structured review processes, Visual data, Structured CI process (travel charges apply)

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“Even if accurate data is available, it will be meaningless if it is not used correctly.
The skill with which a company collects and uses data can make the difference between success and failure”

Masaaki Imai – Kaizen