XL800 Visual Productivity Appliance 

Australia + New Zealand

XL800 is a “bolt-on” smart device to monitor your constraint machine, that provides you with plant wide, real-time data for a true visual factory, along with web based historical reports to enable continuous improvement decisions.

Common Problems

  • Unsure how your process is running?
  • Manufacturing productivity too low?
  • Wanting to engage and motivate your team more?
  • Do you want to make downtime and speed losses instantly visible to the plant and management
  • Unable to get real time data?
  • Spending too much time collecting data?
  • Don't trust manually collected data?
  • Spending too much time or money doing a custom system?

The Solution & Key Features

  • Accurate downtime data
  • Real time results on factory display motivates the team
  • Real time and historical results on web interface
  • Instant production reports.
  • Export to Excel/word/csv
  • Self deployed in hours, not weeks
  • Super easy to install and use
  • No software to install
  • Tried and tested for over 15 years
  • Bolt-on. This won’t shut your process down
  • A complete solution in a box

Are you doing a lean thinking, lean manufacturing, productivity improvement, six sigma program?

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Having a highly visual workplace is a critical part of a lean or continuous improvement journey. In a lean and visual workplace, the team and each individual team member must be able to see and understand  "at a glance"

  1. How they should be going, what is the target
  2. How they are actually going relative to the target
  3. What the problems are that have resulted in the target not being met

Why?  Self Measurement = Self Improvement.  →  A key to engaging and motivating your team