LineView Addons

Integrated Short Interval Control Reviews + Meetings

Complete tactical meetings/reviews integrated within the system

Identify issues and click to assign actions (including targets and time frames). Use a big screen in team meetings to include the team and make it live.

Meetings - 4H Overview v5.0.png


System tracks progress of assigned actions and logs effectiveness

Meetings - Open Opportunities Review v5.0.png


Additional Machine Signals

Increase the std 10 PLC fault codes per machine to 50 to monitor more faults, as well as logging analogue data eg Temperature, power, brix.

MES Lite

Saves implementing a full separate MES system. Very flexible logging of wide variety of data eg temperatures, Brix COand more

Equipment Maintenance Module

The main objective of the Equipment Maintenance Module is to allow the causes of major stoppages to be recorded in LineView, such that the effectiveness of the planned maintenance can be assessed through category analysis and trending.


IFA Dashboard

How well are you using the system and the data it provides? The IFA dashboard allows you to see this "at a glance"

Tracks information relating to the system accuracy, level of use, and effectiveness of actions taken

Displays data in an easy to see colour coded system

Promotes the use of the system and identifies training and motivation gaps


Reduce changeover times with an integrated SMED module.