LineView live

LineView - real-time monitoring for large-scale production lines

LineView's live web interface

Monitoring a number of machines on a production line results in masses of data.

LineView excels in condensing this on up to five screens of instantly useable data:

> Factory Overview Dashboard

> Line Overview

> Line Loss Analysis

> Line Machine Status

> Machine Detail

Factory Overview Dashboard

See the entire factory on one screen. Choose which KPI's, charts, and status you want to see.

Line Loss Analysis

One-page view condensing masses of data into what is the true causal 6 losses of efficiency at the constraint machine.

Machine Detail

Detail on how an individual machine is performing including fault level detail from the machine PLC, speed, rejects and more.

Line Overview

Quickly see how the line is performing and each machine in the line.  Colour controlled KPI's​ for big screen use.

Line Machine Status

One-page view on how machines are affecting the constraint machine. Look for trends, compare machine speeds, add additional comments and actions for a down event.