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Support: XL800/XL810

Ongoing support that maximises productivity and performance

XL800/810 support

When you purchase an XL product, some basic training is included on how users operate the system, and how super users make the basic changes they need to.

To develop your knowledge further, Workflow offers further training and development modules to assist you get a deeper knowledge of the system.  This will allow you to develop more structured processes to use the information and drive continuous improvement.

As you drive to your goal of continuous improvement, we offer a small range of ongoing plans to help you get the most from your XLs.

Training and development

  • Basic Knowledge (1-2 hrs)

Operate the system out on the floor, and the web interface. 

  • Super User Knowledge: Basic (1-2hrs)

Admin settings/functions. Custom dashboards and reporting. 

  • Keeping your "I" on the ball 

There is no point having junk data.  Ensuring you have the knowledge to assess data quality and make changes to improve

  • Structured Review Process

There is no point having data and not using it.  We audit your current information review process and make tweaks, or develop a simple starting process for you to use

Ongoing support and assistance plans

  • On Demand Remote Support

The minimum to ensure you don't "fall off the rails".

  • Free updates (self-install)

  • Email / phone / remote screen share support for simple queries

  • 1 x remote annual review.

A real person at the end of the phone that will assist when needed.

  • Proactive Support + Assistance

Keep on top of things as you go. No need to get PO's signed off for additional assistance or short bursts of training. On demand plan features plus

  • Structured mini review program 2 x annually

  • Refresher training as rqd.

  • Remote or onsite (travel charges apply)

Remote system health check

  • Is your XL system a bit unloved and you want to get back on track?

  • Did you buy your XL Displays a number of years ago and you want to make sure you are up to date with latest practices, features, and confirm everything is working ok?


If you do not subscribe to an ongoing support plan then you can arrange a standalone "System Health Check", just like going to the doctor for an annual checkup.

We will conduct an review of your system looking at:

  • Quality of data

  • Configuration settings

  • How the system is being used, on the floor, and by management

  • Updating you to the latest firmware version

  • Making system tweaks if needed


We will then give you an action plan for things you may need to focus on to keep things on track.

Vorne XL webinars

  • Workflow offers webinar support for our XL clients with annual support plans.

Training and Remote System
Ongoing Support and Customisation
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