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XL Enterprise

XL810 - real-time data for production and performance management

XL Enterprise - Connecting XL to the cloud

The XL IoT devices are connected to the cloud with XL Enterprise.

This enables:

  1. Email / SMS alerting

  2. Automated end of shift reports

  3. Automated software updates 

Automated shift reporting

As soon as each shift ends, XL Enterprise immediately delivers a production report directly to your email inbox. 


Automated email alerts

Assist your teams respond quicker to problems. Set alerts based on 

  • Process states eg how long line has been down, or running slowly, and more

  • Metrics/KPI's eg OEE below a set %, or when a production target has been achieved.

  • Targets eg Changeover is 10 minutes from the end of the target time, or the target time has been exceeded by 10 minutes, and more


Automated software updates

Your experience and our creativity combine to create great new features for the XL platform – included in software updates released every few months.

XL Enterprise delivers software updates to each linked XL device and you decide when you want those updates to be installed.

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