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XL810: getting started

XL810 - real-time data for production and performance management

Getting started

We ship you your XL and barcode scanner in a box, then follow these simple self-install steps:

Mount the display

  • Decide on the most visible location for the floor team


  • Sensor. Provide counts and rejects from existing photo-eye, relay, proximity switch, encoder, or PLC output signal to onboard inputs

  • Scanner. Connect the supplied barcode scanner for operators to use the system.

  • Network.  Connect an ethernet cable and provide IP address. No software to install

  • Apply power



  • Log into web interface from web browser

  • Set up production schedules

  • Enter parts, cycle times, downtime reason codes, changeovers

  • Print out barcodes

(Workflow will assist remotely or onsite) 


What next?

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