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Bottles on factory production line


LineView - real-time data capture & visualisation for production lines

LineView is a cutting edge system that takes multi machine production line monitoring to the next level for manufacturers.

LineView performs True Causal Loss and OEE analysis on production lines.

It provides key information in an easy to view and read format, removing the need for lengthy data analysis, freeing up time to focus on taking improvement action.

LineView is designed and supported by manufacturing operational experts specifically for manufacturing teams and has been in use since 2001.  It has a proven track record, and is operating successfully in over 200 high speed production lines.  

LineView Solutions - Real-time Manufacturing Intelligence
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  • Monitors every machine in the line and is scalable

  • Fully automated + operator comments

  • PLC fault code tracking at machine level

  • True Causal Loss at the bottleneck machine

  • Real-time OEE and 6 Loss analysis

  • Easy to use at all levels of business

  • Web based - visible from anywhere on your network

  • Bulit-in action tracking

  • Integrated reporting

Live web interface

Monitoring a number of machines on a production line results in masses of data. LineView excels in condensing this on up to five screens of instantly useable data


LineView ​features more than 65 web-based reports. Simply click within each chart to drill down into further detail.


  • My manually collected data is not accurate enough.
    LineView features fully automated data and down reason tracking without operator intervention.
  • I need the next level of detail for machine stops.
    LineView features automated trending of PLC fault codes on each machine
  • I can’t see all my live and historical factory information in a single place.
    LineView features an overview of the entire plant and lines on one screen, with drill-downs to machine level.
  • Our current system takes too long to get usable info out so it isn’t used properly.
    LineView excels at condensing the critical data that you need to see how your line has performed, what the true losses are, so you can quickly make decisions on what improvement actions can be taken. Live screens are presented in a useable, easy-to-read formats. Predefined reports are standard.
  • Our current system isn't real-time.
    Real-time and accurate data visible across your business via a web interface.
  • Current system is more focused towards the engineering team - not the manufacturing team.
    LineView does both. Key data for on-the-floor team, together with in-depth machine fault detail and further comment entry for engineering. Everyone using the same system.
  • Our current system doesn’t have overall line performance.
    With true causal downtime and real-time 6 loss analysis at the constraint machine, LineView identifies which machine is having the greatest impact on overall line productivity.
  • We have an existing system on some lines but this can’t be used on lines from other machine suppliers.
    LineView can be used on any machine or line and is not OEM dependant.
  • We need more detail than the PLC fault code.
    In addition to the automated fault codes, LineView enables you to add further comments, record actions, and select predefined categories for events.
  • We don’t have all the data we need to drive continuous improvement.
    LineView tracks OEE, Efficiency, speed, downtime, planned stops, rejects, MTBF and more.
  • The cost is prohibitive.
    LineView is scalable from two machines to many on a line, so you only pay for what you need and can grow it at any time.
  • We're not using the information our current system provides very well.
    LineView offers built-in management routines, action tracking, assigning of targets, and responsibilities.
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