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Helping you measure, visualise and improve your productivity

“There’s no point in having production line information if you don’t know how to use the knowledge.”

Nigel Piddington - Director, Workflow

Workflow owner, Nigel Piddington, has spent more than 30 years helping companies to realise the true potential of their production lines.

His experience in production line management and lean manufacturing began implementing productivity projects & ISO9000 quality systems for a major international wine company.

Moving from large-scale to smaller, nimble production lines at Phoenix Natural Drinks, he gained invaluable experience through hands-on machine and systems management.

Further roles, as Technical/Quality Manager for Heinz Watties, Production Line Manager for Coke UK, and Production Manager, Factory Manager and Group Operations Manager for WineWorks, enabled him to hone his skills and expertise in productivity across a wide range of production lines.

His depth of experience and knowledge has enabled numerous manufacturing companies to improve productivity through software, systems and processes, and continual improvement.

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