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Ongoing support that maximises productivity and performance

Workflow has a range of support plans that assist you to get the most out of your products.

“Even if accurate data is available, it will be meaningless if it is not used correctly.  The skill with which a company collects and uses data can make the difference between success and failure”

Masaaki Imai – Kaizen

What do the most successful customers do?

  1. Have widespread knowledge in the teams, team leaders and managers, on what the software is, how it works, and how to find the information it provides.

  2. Review the data regularly, checking proper use, and accuracy of the system.

  3. Have a frequent, structured, highly visual, review and action process.

  4. Have more than one super user with in-depth knowledge of the system.

  5. Have an ongoing support program.

Our goal is to help you improve productivity

Operational Support and Consulting

Workflow assists companies through fixed term and ongoing coaching and consulting in the following areas:

- Using XL or LineView for Operational Productivity Improvement​

- Lean manufacturing journeys.

- Technical Expertise.

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