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Support: LineView

Ongoing support that maximises productivity and performance

LineView Support

LineView has an ongoing annual licence, maintenance, and support programme.

As well as supporting the LineView technology, we are also able to support you on your continuous improvement journey.

We will assist you transition from your current state towards a World Class Manufacturing business.

Installation and implementation

Deployed in days, not weeks! Minimal to no disruption to your day-to-day operations. 

  • Design and quote

  • Technical (line) audit

  • Opportunity analysis/ operational health check

  • Project management

  • PLC signal identification and programming

  • Testing, snagging and fine tuning

  • Handover of product ownership

System support

We provide continued annual support through:

  • Flexible licencing

  • System maintenance

  • System upgrades & updates

  • Remote telephone, email, webinar meetings

  • Continuous product development

Product training

Software training that covers all aspects of the product.  The training will meet the objectives and requirements of the various stakeholders on-site, operators through to factory managers.

  • Operational user training on using the system

  • Configuration training - System setup and configuration. For PLC Tech and Production admin superusers 

  • System technical support training - Advanced level training for system issue diagnostics

Operational support

LineView's software solutions are the result of more than just cutting edge technology. They are developed in conjunction with in-house operational excellence experts. Our skills, experience and proven deployment methodology help deliver the highest levels of customer results.

  • Operational audit (Healthcheck)

  • Short interval control – effective meetings

  • Line Balance Optimisation

  • Governance tool – tracking the integration/use/compliance

  • Lean and continuous improvement services

  • OEE improvements

LineView Installation and Product
LineView System and Operational Support
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