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LineView add-ons

LineView - real-time monitoring for large-scale production lines

LineView has a range of add-on modules that give you more options and additional functionality to improve productivity on large-scale production lines.

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CIP Monitor

Optimisation & Compliance & Visualisation for Clean-In-Place

CIP Monitoring.png

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Transform any checks from spreadsheets or paper into a shareable digital Industry 4.0 platform

DigiView image.png

Cloud Reporting

Configurable dashboard to view multiple sites' performance accross your global enterprise


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IoT-enabled tool for automated video capture of machine faults and stops. Fully integrated to easily access video clips directly from the LineView web interface.



Overall live visibility of the entire factory.


Additional machine signals

Increase the standard faults from 10 to 64 and include logging analogue data (e.g. temperature, brix levels, electricity used)

Integrated Short Interval Control Reviews & Meetings

Complete tactical meetings/reviews integrated within the system.


Identify issues and click to assign actions (including targets and time frames). Use a big screen in team meetings to include the team and make it live.

LineView addon 1.png

System tracks progress of assigned actions and logs effectiveness.

LineView addon 2.png

Line Balance Control

Automatic optimisation of machine restarts and recovery speeds for performance gains of 2-5%.


Line Balance Monitoring

Identify line balance improvement opportunities by leveraging the power of visualised Line Balance and V-curve monitoring.

Short Inteval & machine signals
Cloud Reporting
Additional Signals
Line Balance
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