XL810 live reporting

XL810 - real-time data for production and performance management

XL810's web based live & historical reporting

Patented reporting technology and an XL on every process instantly generate reports for a process, area, plant, division, or your entire enterprise.

Every XL includes a powerful embedded webserver so there’s no software to install, and your data is instantly available to every user on your network.

There are built-in reports like OEE, Down Time, TEEP, Changeover, Top Losses, and Total Production Timeline, as well as the ability to create custom dashboards, reports, and export files.

Accurate Downtime Data

Know how your process is running. 


Know the real reason for your down time.  For each day, each week, each month.....


Instant OEE and other Metrics

Accurate live OEE and historical reporting

>100 KPI's and metrics


It's your data

Use your data as you wish.

XL provides you with instant access to data. Incredibly easy to make custom web dashboards, reports, or simply export to excel.


Real Time Results

Know how the production is going at a glance. Factory display motivates staff.

No more time spent collecting and analysing data manually. 


Know your Losses

Know where your losses are coming from. 


Your top 5 losses at a glance.  This directs you to areas of improvement


Teams and Labour

Analyse labour metrics by part, team, shift and more.


Instantly know if you are meeting your labour standards.


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