XL810 bolt-ons

XL800 - real-time data for production and performance management

XL Bolt-ons

The XL Visual Productivity Appliance is out of the box, cost effective, and has an amazing level of real time data, historical charts and reports that are customisable.

Each XL can link to all other XL's to enable area and plant-wide reporting.

Additional software tools are available if you want to integrate XL to other systems:

Data collector

Automatically harvest data from multiple XL's to a SQL database.

PiXL Custom On-screen Message **NEW**

Create graphics and images that can be displayed on your XL system LED display, based on an automated specific metric trigger, or simply on-demand.

This works with the existing XL800 and the new XL810, and allows you to.

  • Create custom messages such as “Great Job Team”, or graphics such as your company logo.

  • Activate these graphics based on a specific metric – e.g. display Great Job Team when the crew beat their shift target.

Display Viewer

Show live data from one or many XL's on LCD/Plasma displays in your lunch room, hallways, or anywhere

ERP Datalink

Transfer job information from ERP into XL, and resulting job production data back into ERP