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Coming Soon - DigiView: Paperless Data Collection For Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturing is becoming smarter all the time. Data has become arguably the most valuable business commodity, with companies keen to collect as much usable information as possible about their processes to make operations lean, efficient and reliable - and allow for swift, intelligent decision making.

Not to mention certain manufacturing and quality checks have become legal requirements and companies must have the data to prove they meet standards.

When large sites such as production facilities and warehouses require several shift patterns, the recording of data allows all team members to keep up to date and on track with tasks.

For that data to be effective it needs to be logged and stored accurately, kept up to date, and available on request both in real time and historically. While many manufacturers have updated automation systems, their data processes are still unreliable.

Digitalised quality management software

DigiView software has been designed to replace time-consuming paperwork processes for automated checks, quality assurance and shift handovers. It is a flexible and reliable digital solution for logging data at all stages of manufacturing.

The customisable checks can easily be created and adapted using a simple drag and drop builder module, to suit individual processes and unique setup, making for a quick implementation. It also produces a visual factory experience with operator shift progress charts and image-based checks to help teams manage daily tasks.

DigiView logs and stores data in real-time to ensure that all processes and statuses are accurate and up to date. Business intelligence reporting allows for the traceability and analysis of data, as well as correlation with other production data.

The tool has been designed to target three main use cases for data collection: compliance, quality assurance and shift changeovers.

1. Simplified quality assurance for manufacturers

Digiview simplifies the quality assurance process for manufacturers. Operators can set up unique checklist templates for meeting manufacturing tolerance parameters with customisable sample sizes and frequencies.

Check templates can provide operators with a clear walkthrough of the required testing steps and can also include visual representations of acceptable quality, so there are no misinterpretations of the required standards.

The integration of EnterpriseView reporting tool means that operators can quickly see trends in logged data to make decisions about production changes. Managers can also validate completed processes and schedule live tasks for personnel. DigiView produces significant time savings for operators and results in improved first-pass yield for consistent quality standards.

2. Paperless shift changeovers

The flexible digital system simplifies and enhances key processes reporting for shift changeovers whilst removing unnecessary paper use. It incorporates and merges all required shift data including checks and KPIs for up to date and accurate reporting.

The simple to use reporting system allows staff to log completed tasks, check the status of tasks and view outstanding items. Data can then be analysed for productivity trends and used for highlighting areas of focus for strategic decision making.

3. Efficient compliance certification with GMP audit checklists

Good manufacturing practice (GMP) focuses on the quality of processes and meeting manufacturing standards rather than just the quality of the end product. DigiView allows users to record and store data at each required checkpoint from start to finish. Data is then stored securely and automatically collated for GMP certification requirements.

Operators can also link instructional resources to delegated tasks within the platform, to ensure tasks are completed to a satisfactory standard.


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