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"New Product Release" XL Bolt-on HMI

A new way to interact and control your XL810/410.

As an alternative to using the barcode scanner to control your XL device, the XL Bolt-on HMI software (XBHMI) allows you to use a tablet or HMI to do what the barcode scanner normally does and more.

If you have a cleanroom, or explosion hazardous environments or similar, where operators need to have wash down, sealed touchscreens or tablets instead of barcode scanners, cables, barcode sheets, the XBHMI windows desktop application communicates to the XL device to send the same commands that the scanner would.

  • Designed with large push buttons for ease of use

  • Submit down reasons, rejects, change parts or jobs and more

  • Sets up in minutes and has customisable pages for buttons

  • Push button triggered email alerts

XL Bolt-on HMI down reasons button page
Bolt-on HMI down reasons button page


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