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XL Productivity Appliance: Version 2.16 release

We are pleased to announce another feature-packed software update for the XL Productivity Appliance has just been released. v2.16

A mix of new things for this release from improved dashboards, under the hood improvements and new metrics

Dashboards - Andon Extended

A frequent request answered. You can now add the Andon widget to dashboard pages.

  • Include the Andon widget in custom reports.

  • Organize Andons into any groups or combinations.

  • Mix real-time and historical Andon widgets on the same page.

  • Show different metrics for different work centres.

  • Replicate the “scoreboard” view across multiple work centres to create “digital signs.”

  • Add a fourth metric to any Andon widget.

Andon Widget on customisable dashboard and report pages
Andon Widget on customisable dashboard and report pages
Dashboards - Quick Charts

Making charting easier.

Simply select your metrics and dimensions, and XL automatically generates a “best practices” chart for you. For example, if you select “OEE” “by Work Center” “over Time,” XL will generate a Heat Map chart that shows exactly that. Want something different? No problem. Simply click on one of the alternate chart options suggested by XL. Line chart anyone? Cluster?

Not only does Quick Charts save you time - it intelligently selects a visual to match your data.

Making custom charts just got easier
Dashboards - Enhanced Tables

Cleaner presentation. Combine any metrics you want within one table column, which is super handy for information-dense reports that include multiple lines of data per row. But wait. There’s more. Lots more.

  • Include a totals row.

  • Specify the number of rows to show.

  • Arrange columns with a drag-and-drop list that also shows how each column is configured.

  • More easily work with metric sets by seeing them together with metrics and exploring their tooltips.

  • Stack row-based dimensions so you can use space more efficiently in your data-rich tables.

New table controls allow better presented dense information
Dashboards - Event List Comment Search

Making searching easier. First we added the comments feature. Then you added lots and lots of comments. Now, we have made it easy to find your comments through a new search feature.

You can search across all comments for a work centre within any time range you select. XL ranks the search results by “best match” and highlights the searched words to make it easy to scan through the results.

Make searching for comments easier
Dashboards - KPI Groups

More control. New Look.

The KPI Group widget has a new look and lots of new functionality through four live controls:

  • Enterprise (easily select which work centres to include)

  • Time Range (each KPI Group can have its very own time range)

  • Row (quickly select metrics and dimensions, or create a heading)

  • Filter (filter data to show exactly what you want)

new-kpi-group widget-image
Improved KPI widget layout and live controls
Under The Hood - Part Configuration

Easier to import. Immediate change.

Part configuration just got easier with import and replace, as well as applying changes to currently running parts.

With import and replace, you can seamlessly replace your entire part configuration on a device, which is very handy when you want to make a lot of updates at the same time, such as changes to production planning. You can also directly delete individual parts.

With applying changes to currently running parts, when you save changes to part configuration for the currently running part, your changes will be applied instantly (i.e., to the current part run).

part-configuration page -image
Import and replace parts
Under The Hood - Views and Pages Visibility

Show what you need Hide what you dont.

A frequent request from XL users is to have control over the visibility of views and pages. Now you can navigate to any view and choose:

  • Whether it should be used as the page or device default

  • Who can see the view

  • Who can see the page

page visibility dropdown image
More control over who can see what
New Metrics - Speed and Rate

XL now features two types of metrics that measure how quickly parts are being produced: Speed and Rate. Even better - both types of metrics are also available in historical analytics.

  • Speed measures how quickly parts are produced while actually running (calculated with Run Time as the time base).

  • Rate measures how quickly parts are produced while the process is expected to be running (calculated with Run Time + Unplanned Stop Time as the time base).

  • Rate metrics also include Target Rate and Rate Efficiency for easy benchmarking (and also for operators on the plant floor).

New speed and rate metrics available


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