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XL Productivity Appliance: Version 2.13 release

We are pleased to announce another feature-packed software update for the XL Productivity Appliance has just been released. v2.13

Capture Comments

Instantly add comments to any event, such as a down event, changeover, or part run. It's easy. Just click on a chronogram event to add a comment. For example, you can use comments to add details to a reason, describe how you addressed a problem, or capture an idea for a future improvement.

Analyse Comments

The new View Comments page is perfect for exploring and analysing comments. Select a built-in view or search for one or more words, such as OEE or conveyer jam. Gain further insights and context with single-click access to a complete loss report for each event associated with a comment. You can also create your own views. Focus on a specific type of event, review all comments that occurred during a period of time, or add filters to refine your view. Create views that align to your company policy, such as:

  • Part Runs with OEE Below 65%.

  • Down Events over 15 minutes with No Comments.

Centrally Manage Work Centre Hierarchies Manage the hierarchy of all the work centres you monitor with XL in one place – XL Enterprise. Set the portion of hierarchy that can be seen by each XL Enterprise user and from each linked XL device.

More Powerful Tables Tables have been completely redesigned and are packed full of new features. Tables now include live controls, which are the fastest path between your imagination and what you see on the page. With live controls, tables update in real-time as you change their design. New grouping options make it easier than ever to create event-based, aggregated, and hierarchical tables. Heat map colours provide visual status of normalized metrics and make it easy to scan for areas that need your attention.

Advanced Filter Control Refine your analysis with the new advanced filter control. Create complex filters with multiple dimensions and metrics. For example, create a filter to show all down events that are missing a reason and that lasted longer than 10 minutes. Or create a filter to show comments for all part runs where OEE was below 65%

Flexible Control Over Counts You can now configure any digital input to suspend all count and cycle inputs. This provides a hardware-based mechanism for ignoring counts. For example, you may want to ignore all counts while running rework. You can also configure any Planned Stop or Not Scheduled reason to ignore all counts or to categorize in counts as rejects. This provides a state-based mechanism for ignoring or recharacterizing counts. For example, you may want to classify all counts during a changeover as rejects.

Proxy Server Support Now you can use your network proxy server as an intermediary between XL and XL Enterprise. For example, if your network firewall only supports static IP addresses, a proxy server can be used to provide DNS lookup and automatically manage connectivity to XL Enterprise. Make sure to let your IT team know about this one.


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