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XL Productivity Appliance: Version 2.14 release

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

We are pleased to announce another feature-packed software update for the XL Productivity Appliance has just been released. v2.14

This release focuses on substantial improvements to tables, and the TPT and Timeline features.

Rich Table Content

Four new types of columns that you can add to tables to increase the level of visual impact. Quickly compare and contrast information. These new features work great for custom reports you can build for shift, daily, weekly monthly etc meetings.

  • Row Colour. Uses heat map colours to lift the visual impact of each row. Select any percentage based metric as the data source.

  • Attention Lists. Visualise key losses(down, changeovers, rejects) as mini horizontal bar charts within a table row. eg great for use in a live hour by hour digital dashboard to show the "Top 3" downtime reasons.

  • Metric Lists. Visualise KPI's for instant comparison. Choose from a carefully select list of 24 metric sets.

  • Comments. Integrate comments into tables. eg perfect on that Live hour by hour dashboard to visualise actions or focus for the hour.

Put all this together to create some really dynamic, live "at a glance" dashboards

eg a digital version of the critical factory floor hour by hour whiteboard.(click to enlarge)

Advanced Table Sorting

  • Single or Multicolumn sorting. Simply click the column header for ascending, descending, or off

  • Advanced Limits eg sort by OEE for 10 part runs with the lowest OEE, or top 10 down reasons

Improved TPT and Timeline Pages Wow, what a makeover. Timelines and TPT pages were always great, now they are next level "at a glance" visual on how your process is running

  • Add a new shift "Hour" strip with heat map colour, text overlays for important dimensions and metrics, or build a Hour By Hour Factory Dashboard for multiple lines (click images to enlarge)

  • New live controls for the table data below the TPT timeline, allowing selection of event/aggregated/hierarchical rows, as well as the ability to export this table of data instantly

  • More configurable controls for chronograms making them highly customisable.

Start New Down Event Improved ability for an operator to manually start a new down event if needed with a new "Start New Down Event" barcode. This replaces the "Split Down Event" barcode


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